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I trade as a Handy man, but I'm a carpenter at heart.

Any carpentry is considered, and the more bizarre, the better.


Boxing in Pipes.

Built in Wardrobes



and the list goes on.

Remember "No Request Too strange"



Here's some of my carpentry jobs that don't fit in into any other major category


This is an on going job at an importer and supplier of oak.

All the materials are made on the premises by the machinist, and I do the carpentry.

There's still oak flooring, doors, kitchen to come.


I'll be up dating this very soon.


Not enough room in the garage??

Why not add another level and a set of steps.


The customer was so pleased he had me do another one at the other end of the garage.


My customer had enough of his pipes freezing in the winter, so he asked if I could box them in for him.

No problem!

20150425_111328 20150427_175624

A Cat Run, for a first floor flat.

The only way to it was through the window onto the flat roof.

Very hard work, and I ached afterwards. Lets hope the cat appreciates it!

SDC14359 SDC14358

I quite like Plumbers, but they can leave pipes everywhere. I do a lot of boxing in of pipework and in this example, it would been easy to box in all the pipes, but when the plumber comes to service the new boilewr in a years time, he would definatly not hve liked me,

A well thought out access panal is always helpfull.


I've since been back to change the window leading out to the CatPen.

my customer wanted to be able to sit out with her cat, but the old sliding sash window made it very difficult.

I changed the window for her, to a French Window which opens really wide.

(I also kept the old window so it can easily be put back later if needed)