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Putting up some shelving for a customer tends to leave me with a great sense of  satisfaction.

They are very p[ersonal things, and each set of selves has it's own purpose. Sometimes they can be very functional, as in a garage, to hold tools and boxes etc. but other times they can be the centre piece of a room allowing for the display of prized possesion, be it books, trophies, photo's, etc.

SDC13500 SDC13501 SDC13624 - Copy SDC13693 SDC13944 SDC13945

My customer spent a long time on choosing the brackets, so I matched the effort and gave them the choice of shapes to use. They opted for a simple round corner, but could have had any shape they wanted.


A very awkward space in a bathroom.

not a single right angle in sight, and very few fixing points to use that didn't involve drilling into a pipe, or having screws going right through very thin walls.

But no problem.


Shelving in a Van.

my customer wanted  a place for everything, and no rattles

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The owner of this cake shop, needed something to show off her cake ribbons, but a very specific space to put the shelving in.

this was made off site, and then transported in. a bit like flatpack in a way.

what's more, it was a lot cheaper than the comercial units that were available that weren't made to measure.